Notes #1



Here are a few artful, magical things I added to my sketchbook files this week:

★ These intricate pen and ink pages (pictured above) by Russian illustrator Elina Limkina (via Colossal)

★ The fact that hydrangea flowers act as a natural litmus test, turning pink or blue depending on the acidity of the soil. I’m pretty sure this requires more investigation!

★ This perfectly perfect tiny book by Erzebet Barthold: Four Spells to Bind the Fairies (via The Skeptical Occultist)

★ Some thoughts on habits vs goals from Farnam Street

★ A new book that I’m loving because it brings political organizing into a creative and spiritual framework, too: Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown

I guess it’s time to start a new page of notes. What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve seen or heard this week?