Popular and Unpopular Pots

journaling, resistance

Today I went to an art studio to pick up the pots from my first try at using a potting wheel. I took a class a couple of months ago, and I guess while I was waiting for them to be fired, I’ve had pots on my mind.

A couple of weeks ago, I made this drawing in my sketchbook. I was working on a drawing for a client today, and somebody I met at the studio was telling me about how much she wishes she could draw like that. I get that kind of a lot, and I hear that’s typical for folks who draw – but personally right now I wish I could make pots like this.

I know a secret, though. I saw what my drawings looked like when I started, so I know that if I can learn to draw really well, probably anybody can. Maybe we’re not all going to be DaVinci (actually, I’m pretty sure none of us are going to be DaVinci) but I really do believe that if you want to draw and you keep drawing, eventually you’re going to come up with something that you love.

Right now, I have to try hard to believe that the same applies to pottery. You don’t get to see my really unpopular pots because they didn’t make it to the drying stage, but here’s one with a very…creative…wobble. I almost threw it out, but in the end I kept it to experiment with glazes, and I’m actually pretty excited about how these tree branch stencils worked out. I definitely want to play around more with airbrushes, dripping glaze and making my own resists.

And then there’s this one, which I really do love, maybe because this glaze is the most amazing greyish purple in the world. Now I want to stay home drinking coffee out of it and drawing in my sketchbook, but I hope I don’t get too satisfied with one, because apparently I have a lot of ideas for interesting pots.